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The Pendulum Lab

This is a virtual laboratory where you can do hands-on experiments at rigid pendula. Together with the material presented in the lecture room, you can learn basic issues like harmonic oscillator and resonance but also advanced topics like parametric resonance, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos. Utility comes in downloadable HTML/Java format, complete with all class files.... Show More


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Traves O'Neill
Traves O'Neill (Faculty)
15 years ago
Appears to be a nice program, but the graphics are a bit dated and may be difficult for high school students to keep their interest. Probably better for college students.
jason Ting
jason Ting (Student)
22 years ago
I worked through this applet and performed a couple of the suggested
experiments. I found the pendulum w/ rotating suspension force very interesting.
The experiment stated that while balancing a pencil on the tip of your finger
is very difficult, balancing a pendulum in the upright position is very easy. I
found this to be very interesting and I tried the experiment myself using the
given applets.

Technical Remarks:

The applets are very easy to use and the instructions are very helpful. The
lecture room provides an information base for those unclear on the theories
involved. Nice Site.
Jennifer Spellmeyer
22 years ago
The applet was very easy to understand how to use. I found it very helpful in
learning basic ideas. Some additions could be made such as demonstrating
relationships with other kinds of motion, but it did help in understanding the
fundamentals. It was very good overall.
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
22 years ago
Five good online demonstrations, complete with stopwatches and oscilloscopes
that function like the real thing. This utility works well for demonstrating
many different types of periodic motion, and can be used as a laboratory
(although they are merely simulations, not the real thing). Very well done and
very helpful.