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Foundations of Computer Science

Foundations of Computer Science

NuMachine, as powerful as Turing machine, but more intuitive in its working is described. Adding three more derivation rules to Elementary Arithmetic of Godel and calling it Sentient Arithmetic (SA), the incompleteness theorems are proved within SA, without using any metalanguage. Intuitive Set Theory (IST), a theory in which we do not have to deal with cardinals higher than aleph-null, is described. In IST, there is no Skolem Paradox and there are no nonLebesgue measurable sets.


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Bob Tucker
Bob Tucker (Student)
20 years ago
I reviewed this information as part of an assignment in my Foundations of
Computer Science class. I have only reviewed this information for its relevance
to the information I am currently learning in class. I found this article to
be very informative and well written. While I did have a difficult time
following some of the presentation, I believe that to be due to my lack of
knowledge and not ineffectiveness of the article.