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Animated Token Ring

Animated Token Ring

An animated explanation of how token ring networks operate.


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debbi howard
debbi howard (Faculty)
11 years ago

While I like the visual aspect here, for me having more animation with audio would be optimal. Lots of good info there to read, however, I think it would have worked better for a visual person as a caption or audio to a more animated product.

Dr. Judy Ann Serwatka
19 years ago
Since most people are visually oriented, this simulation is very useful to
illustrated how a packet actually travels through a token ring network. Network
topics are difficult to convey since what happens to data as it travels down a
wire cannot be seen. This illustration can be used to reinforce material in a
lecture on token ring networks.
Used in course? Yes
Barbara Gaal
Barbara Gaal (Student)
21 years ago
The site is informative.

Technical Remarks:

The animated LAN has a purpose and is not just on the page because they can do
david haring
david haring (Student)
21 years ago
This site talks about token rings and give some graphics on how they work.They
also write about Token Ring Operation using a Hub which I found intersesting.
Overall a good site on token ring.
Martin Brown
Martin Brown (Student)
21 years ago
Excellent explanation and diagrams of the basics of Token Ring and it shows how
data is sent, received and acknowledged.

Technical Remarks:

Links are adequate but could be more resourceful.
Scott Goult
Scott Goult (Student)
21 years ago
This site has a good animation illustrating how a token ring network works with
different architectures. This site only offers a limited amount of information,
but it does get the point across. I think this site is aimed at beginners.