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Electromagnetic Oscillating Circuit

This simulation deals with an electromagnetic oscillating circuit, consisting of a capacitor (center) and an inductor (i.e. a coil, on the right). As soon as you have pressed the "Reset" button, the plates of the capacitor will be charged, namely the upper plate positively and the lower plate negatively. After clicking on the "Start" button with the mouse, the switch will be brought to its other position so that the oscillation will begin. The button "Pause / Resume" makes it possible to interrupt respectively resume the simulation. The animation will be 10 or 100 times slower than the real oscillation, depending on the selected radio button. You can vary the values of the capacity (from 100 mF to 1000 mF), the coil's inductivity (from 1 H to 10 H) and resistance (from 0 W to 1000 W) and the voltage of the battery by using the four text fields.


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John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
21 years ago
This applet illustrates a concept that is very hard to get across orally. For
that reason I highly recommend it for any calculus-based physics course. The
graphics are very nice, and the applet runs smoothly.