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Computer Assisted Sentence Production

Computer Assisted Sentence Production

Interactive guided-writing exercises. Learners provide data and short answers that the program uses to generate several correct versions of sentences and paragraphs. To enhance speed, the site excludes graphics, sound, or animation. Link to language games.


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Emily Forand
Emily Forand (Faculty)
10 years ago

While this resource has entertainment value, I could not see a clear educational value. Users are asked to provide words that are then generated into a sentence or paragraph by a computer program. It is not clear how this might help a student generate sentences on his or her own.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee (Student)
21 years ago
This sight was a lot of fun. It's very simple and easy to use if you're a
native speaker or an ESL student who has some experience with computers and the
Internet. I took about 5 minutes to go through each activity. There aren't many
directions or examples, but I think that a teacher can provide students with
that part before they actually navigate the site on their own or with others.

What's good about this site's activities is that you can replace parts of the
sentences with your own words. This is a good exercise if you want students to
notice different parts of speech and to help them use a variety of word choices.
However, I wouldn't recommend this site to low-level ESL students without
assistance or a review of possible word choices such as time, kinds of food,
hobbies, and activities. The site doesn't automatically correct or highlight
errors. Still, it might help to print out the generated sentences and point out
to students where they are mistaken.

At the top of the site there is a menu of links that leads to other activities
like quizzes, games, and other lessons. This site is actually part of a larger
site called ?Interesting Things For ESL Students? located at
However, this site is listed as a separate page.

Technical Remarks:

What I really like about this site is that it is very easy to navigate. It's
not cluttered with links or images that take a long time to load up. The
categories and links are very well organized and easy to find. Even if you go to
the main site (, you will find that it loads up very quickly
and is easy to navigate as well. If you're into bright and hectic looking
sites, though, this might not be the site for you. A possible technical problem
might occur if your browser isn?t java enabled. I think by adding more CGI
links/activities where you fill in the blanks would make up for the lack of java
enabling capabilities. Overall it?s an excellent and user-friendly site.