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Site contains 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and IR spectral problems for all levels of organic chemistry students (beginning through graduate). Also included are some instructional documents on organic spectroscopy. A number of items are useful for instructors such as the IR comparitor. For a project summary, see: Merlic, C. A.; Fam, B. C.; Miller, M. M. "WebSpectra: Online NMR and IR Spectra for Students" J. Chem. Ed. 2001, 78, 118-120.... Show More


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Macarena Rojas Poblete
10 years ago

El material que se encuentra en esta página es muy bueno para cursos de química orgánica o de espectroscopia, ya sea de RMN-1H, RMN-13C,  I.R etc. Los ejercicios y espectros bienen muy completos y cada ejercicio tiene su respuesta, lo que facilita la comprension por parte de los alumnos.

Used in course? Yes
Grace Winschel
Grace Winschel (Consultant)
11 years ago

This website provides excellent practice exercises for interpreting both NMR and IR spectra. Many of my students express the desire for more practice problems in these areas and this website is certainly one that will provide many problems for both types of spectroscopy. Splittling the problems into differing levels of difficulty makes the problems far more approachable than if they were mixed together. Providing overviews of both types of spectroscopy and tables of familiar peaks makes the website all the more valuable.

Technical Remarks:

The zoom feature is wonderful to see splitting in the H1-NMR spectra, though, as other commentators have noted, its usefulness in IR spectroscopy leaves a bit to be desired.

Time spent reviewing site: 25
Ehren Bucholtz
Ehren Bucholtz (Faculty)
13 years ago
While I have not used this resource in class, it takes a type of project that I do with my students and puts it in a readily available web resource. I like the use of COSY and DEPT spectra as this is an area where students do not generally have ready access to these type of spectra. The number of total problems is impressive, and the ranking by easy of solving is very handy. If students are understanding a subset of the beginner problems, they can easily find more challenging ones.

Technical Remarks:

I agree with the peer reviewer comment that the IR spectra should not have a zoom to a particular peak feature. Since chemists look at ranges of peaks before settling in on a particular peak, an improvement might be to have the students zoom in on the range of 1500-1900 cm-1 to guide them toward looking at carbonyls and alkene double bonds without giving the exact value.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes