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Center for the Ecological Study of Perception and Action

Home Page that has links to other sites with information aobut Cological Psychology. It includes a description of James Gibson's contributions and current issues within the field.


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Shannon Chanofsky
Shannon Chanofsky (Student)
19 years ago
I spent about half an hour gooing through the site and then spent another hour
reading the subject overview and trying to figure out what was being said.

This site is a good link site. It presents access to several journals and
several other research facilities.

The information is fairly advanced and would not be appropriate for an
introductory level class, but would be very usefull for an advanced student
looking for research materials or writing articles themselves.

Technical Remarks:

The site was very easy to navigate. The use of navigation bars at the top is
always a nice touch - it helps you keep track of where you are in the site.
Anastasia Lichtenstein
21 years ago
I spent about 35 minutes reveiwing this site. It is a good stepping stone for
someone who is looking for information on perception and action. Whether you
are curious to the current research or research centers. The language is a
little technical, so I would recomend a moderate amount of knowledge on

Technical Remarks:

Easy to navigate through several different links.
Chris Theobald
Chris Theobald (Student)
21 years ago
This site is interesting and shows the importance of ecological psycology in
studying behavior. The environment in which we make our decisions is vital to
understanding why we make those decisions. I thought the material was excellent,
however presented in a very dry and uninteresting way.

Technical Remarks:

This site is easy to use and navigates in a very straight forward way. There is
a great deal of information here.
Cyndy Otty
Cyndy Otty (Student)
21 years ago
The site is very informative about ecological psychology. It has a lot of
information about the theories and different projects that the Center has
preformed and researched. There is also a large list of different publications
produced by the Center. I spent about an hour leafing through the different
links and reading the information on the site. The content of the site was very
accurately presented, though, I admit a bit wordy. The site itself was very easy
to navigate. All the links were clearly readable and most were accessable right
at the top of the site. For students researching ecological psychology, there
is a lot of information on the site and many resources given for farther
research. I found it quite informative and very effective for it's purposes.

Technical Remarks:

Very easily navigatable. I found no dead links and everything was clear and easy
to read. Most of the major links are at the top of the page and/or listed in
the document.