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Voyage Virtuel

Voyage Virtuel

This website offers a introductory tour of French cities and regions. Click on the map to see pictures and short descriptions of a region's most famous features: monuments, folklore, food and wine.


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Allison Pompeo
Allison Pompeo (Student)
6 years ago
This site is a good referencing tool for geography in France. It has lots of realistic photos of different parts of France to learn more about the place. It uses short captions to make it easier to understand and to learn facts fast.
Used in course? Yes
Aurélie Van de Wiele
7 years ago

This website offers a very easy and fun way for students to be introduced to the concept of regionalism and regional culture. Its focus on images and very short texts makes it accessible to beginners while links to TV clips that it provides also makes it adapted to more advanced students.

Laura Franklin
Laura Franklin (Faculty)
22 years ago
I have used the Voyage Virtuel for years in my community college French classes.
I have linked to it on the French Resources page of my web site. I have also
assigned my students tasks that require its use.

The key feature of the Voyage Virtuel is its clickable map, that draws the
student deeper into the individual towns featured. There are photos taken by the
author that capture geography, culture and cuisine. The supplemental materials
and external links are also very helpful.

The Voyage Virtuel is one of many pages of a much larger site entitled
Civilisation Francaise. Each page covers a topic like Cooking, Economy,
Education, History, just to name a few. Each page provides useful information
followed by questions in different formats to test student knowledge, more than
500 photos depicting everyday French life, audio and video exercises, external
links, related films and a bibliography.

Technical Remarks:

On the Civilisation Francaise home page,the author clearly specifies any
plug-ins necessary for audio and video viewing. The whole site is easy to
navigate and the Voyage Virtuel is no exception.
Used in course? Yes
Emily Howlett
Emily Howlett (Student)
18 years ago
Gives a French student a great perspective of France other than Paris...the
pictures and descriptions of food and folklore gave me a different view of
French culture as a whole.
Gladis Rubio
Gladis Rubio (Student)
18 years ago
This was a neat way to brush up on French geography. Very simple website, no
frills, just cool photos and passages to read, in French.
Used in course? Yes
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz (Student)
18 years ago
What a great tour of France. This page allows you to select a region or city
within France and then it takes you to an overview of that place. I like it
because it includes both text and pictures of the area.
Used in course? Yes
susan kenske
susan kenske (Student)
19 years ago
I found this website to be useful. I could navigate easily and enjoyed the
photographs and captions.
Laura Pollock
Laura Pollock (Student)
19 years ago
I have been to several of the towns featured on the map, so I was pleased to see
that the photographs accurately reflected the character of each of them.

Technical Remarks:

There were some old links, and the webcam I visited (Mont Blanc) was not worth
the trouble; otherwise, the site was relatively trouble-free.
Used in course? Yes
Tran (Student)
19 years ago
I enjoyed this site because there were links to a large number of cities in
France. The volume of information available was impressive.
Used in course? Yes