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Building and exploring mathematical models is a fundamental task in science. MODELLUS offers students and teachers a "minds-on", multilevel learning experience in which they create, simulate, and analyze models interactively on the computer, either from experimental data and images or pure from theoretical thinking. Modellus is software for interactive modelling with mathematics. Teachers and students can use Modellus to build mathematical models and explore them as animations, graphs, and tables. Instead of just looking at algebraic, differential, and iterative equations, Modellus users can experiment visually and interactively with models and animations to better understand the underlying mathematics and the multiple representations of a model. Modellus can also be used as a tool to analyse and make sense of experimental data, providing tools to maake models from images (BMP or GIF) and videos (AVI) Modelles have won educational prices aswell in the USA as in Europe. In Great Britain is is used bij hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in the Advancing Physics Project. Best of all: It is free for educational use! I found this one of the most valuable pieces of educational software I have seen last few years. At the website you find the software and manual (downloadable) and lot of other information (examples, papers, tutoriala, etc.)


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Vitor Teodoro
Vitor Teodoro (Faculty)
14 years ago
There is a new version of Modellus in the web page with a completely different interface and many new functionalities.
Julius Gosens
Julius Gosens (Student)
21 years ago
I worked with this software for many hours already and used it for building
models for different kind of Physics problems... And it is great! What is
more... it is free to use for everybody. It is much better dan a lot of other
modelling software you have to pay a lot of Money for. We should nominate the
maker (Vitor Duarte Teodoro) for a price.

It is specially a good education tool. The linking of a mathematical model to a
simulation makes that studentsactually can view the connection between a certain
physical concept and the mathematics behind that. Specially when paramaters can
be changed easily and interactive (also during simulation). Also the setup of
different cases is very easy.
If your teaching or learning science you should use this tool.

As with every tool you need to spend a bit of time in understanding the tool.
But Modellus is very easy to use. If you download the manual as well (also on
the site) you have a lot of examples and a tutorial for beginning users as well
for more advanced users.

Technical Remarks:

I used it on several computers with Win95 and Win98 without any problems
(although it is a Win3.x application).
The only drawback is that file names (for your models) can't have more then 8
characters. But I understand that a version that support long file names is
testes right now (March 2001) and will be available soon.