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Know Your Legal Terms

Know Your Legal Terms

A bingo-type interactive online game that teaches participants twenty-four basic legal terms.


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Francine Guice
Francine Guice (Faculty)
9 years ago

I like the other commenters think that more explaination as to what each of the business entities are would be helpful.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Bonnie Lafazan
Bonnie Lafazan (Faculty)
12 years ago
The idea of the interactivity with the vocabulary terms is a great idea, but there was no consistency or organization as to the topics. Also if you got an answer wrong, it does not explain what is the correct answer. Finally, there there were several spelling errors which makes the program unusable.
Evan Peterson
Evan Peterson (Faculty)
12 years ago
I believe this is an excellent tool to study and review the vocabulary terms. The application incorporates auditory and visual stimulation, and presents the material in a unique fashion. However, it does need revision in the areas of grammar and spelling.
Ida Jones
Ida Jones (Faculty)
13 years ago
This is a great idea for a self-study or review in class. However, there are too many grammatical errors for me to actually use. I would like to see a revision to correct the errors and I would use it in my intro classes. I'd like to also see it based on certain topics, e.g. all contracts, all procedure terms, all criminal law terms, to increase its usefulness.

Technical Remarks:

Need flash installed
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes