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Finding the Domain of a Function

Finding the Domain of a Function

This applet guides the user through the process of finding the domain of a function. Hints and feedback are plentiful and useful. New problems are generated at the click of a button.


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Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee (Staff)
13 years ago
This website is easy to use and does a good job of demonstrating how to find the domain of a function. It perhaps oversimplifies the situation since the domain is always a connected interval with integer endpoints. Also, I think the questions at the end could be more clear.
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Mallory Walker
Mallory Walker (Student)
13 years ago
I spent 15 minutes reviews this page and was very interested. This website I was able to use and input problems and have it help me come up with a solution. It was a creative way to come up with the answer. It also made it fun because it was just context, I actually go to play around with it. I like thought that the material was fun and accurate. It should good models and was educational. This helped me understand functions a little bit better. I struggle with this area and it made it fun and easy for me to understand. I felt that the effectiveness was appropriate for learning. I would use this site again for help because it made it fun and easy to use for a first time user.
Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan (Faculty)
16 years ago
This site has very helpful features for learning the essentials of domains and
functions. The tutorial features, assuming one has the right plug-ins, are very
helpful. One of the best features of this site is that it doesn’t insult one’s
intelligence, and yet it is very helpful for those of us who struggle a bit
with math. My student teachers designed a lesson using this site, and they not
only were able to design a good lesson, they received excellent feedback from
their fellow students who had to independently follow the lessons.
Used in course? Yes