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Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry

This is a glossary of fractals including dozens of examples that are fully explained.


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mike padilla
mike padilla (Student)
12 years ago
this was a subject that i was wanting to review for a while becuase it senmmed interesting to me when i took pre-caclulus back in highs school. i hope to use this in my math class if even for a little bit For me i have studied this subject for a while, but i think new users and beginers will get help from the site in one way or another.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about an hour reviewing the site and i wnet to most of the links to see examples and formulas. will revisit if we get to fractorals in class.
pati brown
pati brown (Student)
12 years ago
The “Fractal Geometry” Web site on Merlot is fantastic. I spent about 90 minutes on this site alone – not to mention doing a little reading on my own. The site starts us off with a review of familiar fractals in nature, art, and architecture. We learn to spot fractals everywhere from snowflakes to trees. In the introduction alone there is a wealth of information that takes the novice on an intellectual journey through the world of fractals and IFS (iterated function systems). I appreciate that the Web site starts us from baby steps of exploring self-similarity to more complex concepts and formulas. To further enhance the teaching and learning features of this site we are given games and art “experiments” to do. I enjoyed trying the Fractal Paints art/project using paper and a piece of Plexiglas. I found a link to The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project at Boston University in which there is a topic called “Chaos, Fractals, and Tom Stoppard’s Play Arcadia” In reading this link and the quotes from the play I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of fractals. In fact, I even dusted off my copy of Arcadia and found the parts in the book that relate to fractals. This site it easy to use with a lot of images and well-broken-down explanations. Though I found few broken links, I am only disappointed by the lack of a search feature. There is so much information contained in this Web site that it would be nice to be able to search for the exact information you need. But ultimately, I think the Fractal Geometry site is a fantastic source for both instructors and students. It makes a complex subject much more approachable.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: almost 2 hours
R Ruiz
R Ruiz (Student)
18 years ago
I spent about a half hour looking at this site. The combination of pictures
and information work well to explain each other, probably because both the
quality of the context and pictures are rather high. Unless you are a math
major, I wouldn't see why anyone could not learn something from this site.
Used in course? Yes
June Mertens-Barber
18 years ago
I just spent an hour and fifteen minutes at this site. I found it to be very well put together & easy to get around in. The information is presented in an easy to follow pattern from start to finish. I understood most of what I perused except the technical math notation. A person of any age would benefit from this site. It offers math, history, art & science all at one time! Students and teachers alike can find many ideas and concepts in the material to enhance their own learning objectives. I could spend hours at this site & will probably return to it again sometime. I love looking at the fractal examples & "playing" with them (via the computer mouse)!
Used in course? Yes