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How to Thrive - - Not Just Survive - - in a One-Computer Classroom

How to Thrive - - Not Just Survive - - in a One-Computer Classroom

This article provides management strategies for teachers to use when only having one computer in their classroom. The article goes in detail where they think you should place your computer. It explains how to create stations and multiple activities in the classroom with 15-20 minute rotations so each student can have a chance to use the computer.


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norbert boruett
norbert boruett (Health Care Professional)
12 years ago
Appropriate information for developing parts of the world, where resources are scarce. The ingenuity is commendable
Time spent reviewing site: 10 min
Curtis Bachek
Curtis Bachek (Student)
14 years ago
I spent a bit more than one hour reading the article and checking up on the Web sites that it has written down. What it mentions is very accurate and useful in a one computer classroom. It guides teachers on how to separate time use, find and print reference articles, include efficient teacher visuals use, and other issues in order to allow its presence to most aptly used. If it is used in these fashions correctly, both the teacher's and the students' use will be able to utilize the computer for its most proficient use...more information for more individuals.

Technical Remarks:

The technical issues for this are quite simple. The entire idea is how to resolve technical difficulties with how many may use the computer in a given amount of time. There are several easy systems to use, they mostly depend upon relying on time (don't let some students get extra time over others), and positive minded teacher sharing (I borrow yours and you can borrow mine). This is very easy for first time users to do.