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Math.Com is a free site where you can choose from any math topic. You can also get is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math. Combining educationally sound principles with proprietary technology, offers a unique experience that quickly guides the user to the solutions they need and the products they want. These solutions include assessment, on-demand modular...

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Niko Shido
Niko Shido (Student)
17 years ago
I spent roughly an hour to review this website. Mainly, I visited the Games
section and Resources section. There is also a rich amount of links to other
websites. There are interactive programs, which explain how mathematics is
implemented into games.
I was attached to the Maze Generator in the Game section, and stayed in the same
page for quite a long time. It is an interactive program that users can input
height and width, etc.
The quality of the site is fine. It shows consideration towards students who
suffer from math phobia. Each subject is effective in order to gain the
interest students. Articles on study tips encourage the students who have
issues in math. The website is also conventional, so students are able to get
help on their homework. The website has a potential for enhancing the
educational agenda, because there are many attractive topics in the website.
Both students who like or dislike mathematics can enjoy the site. It will help
students familiarizing in math.
The ease of using the website is good. The subjects are divided and indicated
clearly for the visitors? convenience. The website is especially helpful for
students who are looking for some specific topics on mathematics for term
papers, which interest them.
Used in course? Yes
Laurina Lanham
Laurina Lanham (Student)
17 years ago
I explored for about 1 hour. The first thing that I noticed on this
website is that it has many topics on it's homepage that we have learned about
in my math class. I found through searching through this site that it has
information on topics in math such as math anxiety and fractals, two ideas in
math that we explored in class. I will find myself using this website more as a
learning tool for myself. I also noticed through exploring this website that
it has a link for people to "ask an expert" about a question they might have on
thier homework or just and everyday math quandry. This website proved to be a
gtear educational tool because it is open to the public and provides the general
public with information on many different math ideas and concepts. It is a
virtual math classroom where you can pick what topics in math you want to learn
about. Students and facultly can use as a learning enhancement by
using "ask the expert" and exploring such topics as fractals further than a math
book might allow. I found this website to be first time user friendly,
however, most of the information that can be found on this website is from links
that it sends you to. The homepage is more of a general overview of what the
site has to offer, you have to do most of the navigating to find what you want.
If you are not the type that likes to explore math topics for any length of
time is not for you. If you are interested in many different topics in
math and wish to explore them further then I would highly recommend using
Used in course? Yes