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Developing an Ethical Compass for Worlds of Learning

Developing an Ethical Compass for Worlds of Learning

Computer ethics, better labeled "information technology ethics," deal with the proper use of a wide range of telecommunication and data storage devices. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that makes moral judgments, considers issues of right and wrong, and determines what behaviors are humane and inhumane.


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Michelle L. Pilati
Michelle L. Pilati (Faculty)
19 years ago
A brief review of this site reveals that it provides a useful introduction to
ethics in general and the special ethical concerns that arise when using
computers. While not an appropriate site to be used as a teaching tool in
psychology (where there is much written about moral development), it would
certainly be a site to which instructors could refer students to advise them of
the relevant issues.
Allan Jones
Allan Jones (Staff)
20 years ago
Not long ago, ethical technology questions were only of interest to a very few
specialists. But as the use of information technologies spreads throughout
society and its importance to our national economies and individual careers
grows, everyone will need to make good ethical decisions when using computers.
Studies show that persons involved in computer crimes acquire both their
interest and skills at an early age. This site contains much valuable
information for bringing ethical issues into a practical "real world" view. This
is an excellent reference site - even if it seems "dated."