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Converging-Diverging Nozzle Applet

Converging-Diverging Nozzle Applet

**CAUTION: Java Applets may not run on all browsers** also you may click on instructions to view pictures of the simulation if the applet does not run on your browser. The purpose of this applet is to simulate the operation of a converging-diverging nozzle. User input includes the nozzle area ratio, back-pressure ratio, and specific heats ratio. The applet provides impressive graphical representations of the pressure, temperature, and Mach...

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Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright (Student)
17 years ago
How you reviewed the materials:

I read through the instructions from the link on the applet page, and then after
a little tinkering to make sure I understood how to manipulate the application
I ran through several simulations.

The quality of content:

The simulations gave the type of results I was expecting and as far as I could
tell they were accurately represented.

The potential effectiveness for enhancing teaching and learning:

It might be too much for a one time use, but if it was something that you
introduced to the class and then used over a series of classes, it could prove
quite useful.

The ease of using the materials:

After reading through the instructions listed, the material was quite easy to
use and get the desired resluts with.
Used in course? Yes
Jason Frederick
Jason Frederick (Student)
17 years ago
How you reviewed the materials

To review this material, I spent about 10 minutes or so reading the overview and instructions. I then "played" with the applet for a while to see what several different values would do. All in all it was time very well spent.

Quality of content

The instructions were very helpful; however, not being very familiar with how everything works before using the site I was rather confused at times. The wording made some of the concepts very hard to follow. Being in just an introductory course, this applet was well over my head. The graphics were very helpful and not knowing how most of the calculations were found didn’t seam to hurt very much in using the applet.

Potential effectiveness for enhanced teaching and learning

The ability to use this applet to simulate different nozzle designs and export the data is especially helpful. The user can also change several different values and see the different effects in the simulation. Especially if the student is designing a nozzle this web site is very effective and has a lot of possibilities for the student’s or instructor’s use.

Ease of using

This applet was very easy to use. I was not confused very much at all. The user just has to read the instructions at the top right of the screen and hit auto run. The applet takes care of everything else.
Used in course? Yes