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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a collection of the world's most beautiful and unique types of art. It has pieces of art from way back in the 1400's A.D. The site offers many different types of art that the museum has. And at The Cloisters the branch Museum. Anything that might interest you in the fine arts field, you will probably find here on this historic site.... Show More


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Sherry Ewaskowitz
Sherry Ewaskowitz (Faculty)
19 years ago
After about 3 hours of exploring this website, I'm quite impressed with what it
has to offer.

The Metropolitan Museum website presents a multitude of images and information
about the visual arts in its collection, as well as several links to other
significant web-sites world wide. The program features artwork from a variety
of eras which can be explored in depth. It also integrates multidisciplinary
ideas. The web site seems to be consistent with the high standards for which
the Metropolitan Museum is well known.

This source can be an effective tool for a student exploring a topic. It can
also provide guidelines for an instructor in discussing various dimensions of a
piece of art. This source is appropriate for art and design students of all
levels, and can be quite relevant and interesting to those in other disciplines
as well.

Technical Remarks:

The web site overall has an excellent and user-friendly layout. However, it is
as massive as the Metropolitan Museum itself, and sometimes it does get a bit
confusing where to find which resources in the education area. However, the
web design concern is minor in comparison to the overall quality of this web

Stacie Forbes
Stacie Forbes (Student)
19 years ago
After several visits totaling just under ten hours, I finally found myself
exhausted by the shear volume of information available on The Metropolitan
Museum of Art!?s website. What I find most impressive, however, is that the
high quality of the material is maintained from subject to subject.

There is great potential for this site to be used for enhancing teaching and
learning. In particular, the !?Educational Resources!? and !?Explore & Learn!?
sections are specifically formatted with educators and students in mind. In
addition to suggestions for incorporating site material into classroom
activities and lessons, there are links to external organizations focused on

Technical Remarks:

I was able to navigate through the site without too many problems. However, a
co-worker with less browsing experience had difficulty finding information on a
particular collection, although I had e-mailed her the website's URL. Others
with limited browsing experience may also be overwhelmed with the many menus,
pages, and links on this site.
Eynon (Student)
20 years ago
I found this site to be very unique. There is a lot of information available
within this web site, although at times I found it very difficlut to navaigate
my way through. There are many beautiful items available for viewing and
purchasing. If you have an interest in fine arts; sculptures, paintings, books,
or jewlery, this is the site for you!
Caree Richards
Caree Richards (Student)
20 years ago
I spent a few hours reviewing this site. I found it to be very interesting.
Some of the pieces of work that they have there, no other museums would be
willing to show. This site offers content that dates back to the A.D. years. I
think the material that this site offers is excellent information if you are
into fine arts. Students and teachers who want to learn about the history of
the fine arts would learn alot from this site. I find it to be very educational
if you are an art major or someone who wants to learn about the arts.

Technical Remarks:

I feel there is a lot of information on this site. There is a lot of different
sites that you can go look at. It could be difficult for someone to navigate
through, because there is so much to look at.