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The Ozone Hole Tour

The Ozone Hole Tour

It is a website about the ozone layer and its global effects. It demonstrates by means of visuals the size, causes and consequences of the ozone in the Antartic. This website is interesting, interactive with the use of multimedia techniques. It is easy to navigate and up-to-date. It is informative without being too scientific. In this way, it has managed to cater for the scientist and the non-scientist. The pictures are very clear and effective. The only potential problem for visitors to the site is if their browsers cannot support pictures and/or movies. This can adversely affect their appreciation of this site.


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Karen Gardner-Athey
20 years ago
I spent several minutes reviewing this site. The content seems very
instructive-right at a level that I can understand (not being of a scientific
background this is important). The materials are easy to read and follow.

Technical Remarks:

This would be an excellent site for students and teachers to use to understand
the "Ozone Hole". First itme users should find it fairly easy to use.
Robert Trullinger
Robert Trullinger (Faculty)
20 years ago
I spent 12-15 minutes at the site, and the quality of the content and graphics
is excellent. The site is very easy to navigate with a lot of good instruction
in how to make the most of the site. The use of movie clips to show actual and
computer modeling of the ozone layer allows the authors to convey very difficult
information so that the layperson can understand it. Also, the use of glossary
links helps the layperson get needed additional information about specialized
terms and significant people in the study of the ozone layer. This site would
be very useful in both high school and college science classes.