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This is a companion site to the PBS series Evolution. It contains numerous interactive exercises and simulations keyed to the episodes of the show. The Evolution Library has a large number of useful resources indexed by topic. While it is listed as a reference site, it contains animations, simulations, and tutorials as part of the larger site.


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Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
Thanks for this material, i could to learn a lot about the evolution, Thanks Darwing.
pyle tena
pyle tena (Teacher (K-12))
6 years ago
Science evolved through issues humans have with their environment and thus the study /creation of hypotheses originated.This ongoing inquisitive search for resolving humanistic issues as it relates to their environment alas result in in the study of science which lead to different science disciplines such as Mathematics ,medicine,Social Sciences and physical sciences etc.
Elizabeth Abanto
7 years ago
I like that the website has options for students,teachers, and has an evolution library.
carmelo carbone
carmelo carbone (Student)
8 years ago
I like this site because it gives you a lot of options to choose from. I would you use this to teach the class about Darwin and concept of survival of the fittest. I would talk about Darwin's finches and how each finch adapted to different environments over time. It even offers background information about Darwin himself which can serve as an intro to the lesson.
Ryan Williamson
Ryan Williamson (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Page layout incredibly small, flash window even smaller, text in flash window smaller still. Amounts to glorified textbook with occasional annoying sound effects. Pictures too small to be worthwhile, text hard and inconvenient to read because of size problems on page. No use of actual animation, doesn't include anything you couldn't get better elsewhere.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins
TNCC Biology
TNCC Biology (Faculty)
9 years ago

Can be used as assignments outside of class or animations can be used as part of class. Excellent set of animations and materials.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: Have used for several years. 10-15 hours spent going over parts of the site.
Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
10 years ago

A very good introduction into evoultion, it includes all the topics new biology students need to learn, or are considered about. The site is very interactive, and it would be a very good resource for students.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: A few minutes.
Kara Nash
Kara Nash (Student)
17 years ago
Excellent graphics, easy to use and the pictures and text were fabulous.
Used in course? Yes
Jeff Noll
Jeff Noll (Student)
19 years ago
The PBS evolution web site is truly exceptional. The content covers an
impressive breadth and depth of evolutionary theory. Furthermore, the design of
the site is logical and easy to follow. If used in conjunction with the video
series, students could develop a true understanding of evolutionary concepts.

Technical Remarks:

The plug-ins add an extra level of interest by making the web site more
interactive. Each section of the web page has an adequate level of variety in
format to maintain interest regardless of learning preference.
Used in course? Yes
  Workshop Participant
19 years ago
This is really a great resource. Navigation is excellent, graphics useful.
Used in course? Yes
  Workshop Participant
19 years ago
Nice layout; beautiful pictures

Technical Remarks:

easy to navigate
Used in course? Yes