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Resources for Families

Resources for Families

This site has a multitude of fact sheets for all different types of disorders that may plague children and adolescents. A useful guide when looking for begining information.


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Deb Morris
Deb Morris (Student)
20 years ago
I spent approximately 15 minutes browsing this website. The site provides basic
information on a variety of subjects. This site would probably be most
beneficial to students. The site was very easy to use
Rebecca Moneyhan Moneyhan
20 years ago
This site has so much information. I spent just a short time there. I will go
back and consider viewing it more specifically. It is very informative. It
helps a person to get insights into many family situations. Mental illness,
alcoholism, eating disorders just to name a few.

Technical Remarks:

Locating information was easy. Anyone one stopping by for the first time will
want to explore all the various headlines.
Alicia Budinger
Alicia Budinger (Student)
20 years ago
Everyone who visits this site will enjoy the large quantity of subjects
available here.

Technical Remarks:

This site has a simple design, making it enjoyable to read.
Tammy Seelbach
Tammy Seelbach (Student)
20 years ago
1. I spent hours reviewing all the material on this site. I simply printed out
everything I could find and read all the information given.
2.The content I found to be very informative and accurate. I found it shocking
at some aspects of how much parents actions and behaviors can actually be
carried on through the children.
3. if this site is used correctly anybody could find their way through it. It
has multiple links to choose from, all of which are excellent. You can learn
just about anything dealing with children problems, warning signs, etc...

Technical Remarks:

4.First time users should have no problems getting through this site or finding
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner (Student)
20 years ago
I reviewed the material over the course of an hour. The initial web site is a
called Facts for Families. It's basically a list of links to issues concerning
children and adolescents. During my hour I clicked on a good portion of the
links. Some, to get the feel for this web site, but most because I was
interested in the given topic.

I would consider this web site to be of the utmost quality. Each link is clear,
concise, and thorough. It is extremely user friendly and informative. The
material is easy to understand and is not presented in an overwhelming manner
for parents. It is non-threatening and unbiased - not the type of web site that
will lead you to believe that your child has every issue imaginable.

While it is an excellent resource for parents, it is also equally helpful to
both students and teachers. Students can easily obtain great knowledge and the
web site also tells you how to tactfully approach these topics. It explains what
methods are effective, what are not. It stresses what aspects of an issue are
the most important, and which should not be over analyzed. It also provides the
reader with additional resources so they can obtain a well-rounded view and
perhaps more in-depth information.
Dina Burns
Dina Burns (Student)
20 years ago
1. I spent about twenty minutes browsing through the many different topics on
this site. I found the site to be very factual and I felt that it provided a
very wide range of topics.

2. The information provided was accurate and could be used for various purposes
including: for research, for caregivers, for parents, for educational purposes,

3. I think this information will enhance individuals learning and provide
interesting topics that they were unaware of.

4. The material was very straightforward and easy to use. First time users
would have no problem finding this site.
Brianne Wagner
Brianne Wagner (Student)
20 years ago
This website was a great resource because it touched on many issues that can
face teens today. I think it's good for teachers and students because it does
cover a lot of information, and you can get it all from one site rather than a
coule different ones.

Technical Remarks:

This site was very easy to navigate. I had no technical difficulties.
Corrina Gardner
Corrina Gardner (Student)
21 years ago
Great site. There is a lot of information on many different topics and
disorders. A great place to start when researching disorders.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to navigate.
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith (Student)
21 years ago
This is an excellent sight for those who are in need of information regarding a
child's unusual behavior--from infancy straight through to their teens.

All kids may be faced with difficult situations at any point in their
lives--whether it's grief from a death of a parent, or a peer trying to convince
them to drink--whatever it may be, you will surely find information pertaining
to your subject of interest at: Facts For Families.

With over two hundred descriptions covering a variety of topics, you should be
prepared to spend a few hours reviewing this site. However, for those who have
limited time, I suggest bookmarking this site for later use.

Technical Remarks:

Easily navigated, no technical problems whatsoever.