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OSI Model Quiz

OSI Model Quiz

A good quiz of the concepts covered by the OSI model.


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debbi howard
debbi howard (Faculty)
11 years ago

Great tool for 'newbies' to networking technologies and would be perfect for intro networking students to help reinforce purpose and functions of OSI model by layers.

Patrick Coyle
Patrick Coyle (Faculty)
13 years ago
I really like this quiz. It tells you if you are correct or incorrect as soon as you click on an answer; and it stays on the page, allowing you to try other answers, or go on to the next question. Very good to use in a face-to-face class to break up the monotony of a lecture.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Dr. Judy Ann Serwatka
19 years ago
It's nice to find a site where an actual quiz exists on a networking topic. The
questions are understandable and the answers are given immediately so students
will have immediate feedback. The only problem is there is no tutorial that
goes with this, which would be a plus. This would be a good review for students
after the OSI model is covered in class.
Used in course? Yes
Scott Goult
Scott Goult (Student)
20 years ago
This is a good site for amatuers, but there needs to be links to the reasoning
behind answers at the end of the quiz with your results.
Barbara Gaal
Barbara Gaal (Student)
21 years ago
Site is easy to read and very informative.
Nicole Gray
Nicole Gray (Student)
21 years ago
Spent about six minutes answering questions. Good site to test overall knowledge
of the OSI model. I also liked the pop-up window for answering right and wrong
Victor Pantoja
Victor Pantoja (Student)
21 years ago
This site is a good way to quiz yourself on the OSI model. Extremely helpful to
take before a test.
Tonda Johnson
Tonda Johnson (Student)
21 years ago
Very nice way to quiz yourself on the OSI model. Also other infomation about
certifications on this site.
Nick Kaster
Nick Kaster (Student)
21 years ago
Good coverage of the OSI model. Useful tool in studying the OSI model.
Susan Treble
Susan Treble (Student)
21 years ago
This is a good site to use to study on the OSI model.
There is also comprehensive info about what companies offer which
certifications, how much they cost, requirements, etc...