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Sliding 8-Puzzle

Sliding 8-Puzzle

Another sliding 8-tile puzzle. No pictures/loads fast.


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Furia (Student)
18 years ago
I spent about a half of an hour going over this site. I actually enjoyed the
other activities on the site more so than the sliding 8 puzzle it self. I
thought these were very interesting games and they accurately present concepts
that are relevant to mathematics and problem solving. I feel that these puzzle
could be very usefull for a problem sovling class or for a lower leval math
class were the teachers are trying to get their students interested in the world
of math and problem solving. This site was very easy to navigate and made it
simple to find everything that i wanted to.
Used in course? Yes
Charlene Byron
Charlene Byron (Student)
19 years ago
All in all, I spent about a week on this. I would try to solve it a little at a
time here and there, but, no luck yet. I'm gonna bookmark this page and keep at
it until I can get those numbers in order! I'm not exactly sure how this would
enhance teaching and learning, but I found that its a great way to keep your
brain functioning without actually having to do "math". It was great for when I
just needed to focus on something other than crunching numbers.
Pacheco (Student)
19 years ago
ahhh I am surprised I have hair left in my head. I spent a week on this. I'd
walk away clear my head and log on to master it, and just cant. I found this so
stimulating and exciting. Alot was very nerve racking, but fun.
Tammy Vu
Tammy Vu (Student)
19 years ago
i spent 2 days trying to do this! still I didn't succeed:( I'm not sure if it
was educationally significant, but it was significantly frustrating. I don't
think this really enhanced my learning, but maybe there's a method used to make
this work. This was very fast to use although the directions weren't direct, so
i didn't really know what they wanted except to put the numbers in order.
Used in course? Yes