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Euclid's Elements (Geometry)

Euclid's Elements (Geometry)

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Lurraine Rees
Lurraine Rees (Student)
20 years ago
By spending a few hours constructing and manipulating an icosahedron, polygons,
circles, and other figures, Euclid's Elements, Proposition XIII 16, and Euler's
Line of a Triangle are so much more interesting than just reading about them in
a textbook.Thorough coverage on definitions,
postulates, common notions, and propositions make this a disciplined course of
study. Specifications for element structure was presented in an easy-to-follow
format that no one needs to be intimidated ever again!

Technical Remarks:

An interesting hyperlink discusses 8 different element classifications and
constructions methods.
The Geometry Applet is what makes this a
fun site by being able to see the results of proper construction and
manipulations that do not always make sense initially. All of the books offer a
Guide at the end of the discussion which suggests uses of the theorem or
proposition by stating that these will form the basis of another proposition.
Linking through the site was very easy. Models and figures for construction were
colored or outlined and key vertices were highlighted by consistant color
indicators. Fonts were easy on the eyes as well as the choice of background
color.This site makes geometry more tangible by its use of construction modeling
and was very straight-forward in its presentation of solid facts and
Karen Brucks
Karen Brucks (Faculty)
22 years ago
This geometry applet illustrates Euclid's Elements and Euler line of a triangle.

Applet runs smoothly and appears to contain a wealth of information.

Explore it!

Technical Remarks:

The Geometry Applet partitions into two applets: Euclid's Elements and Euler
line of a triangle. Once in a partition element there is no home link to the
Geometry Applet.