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Compound Events:Tree Diagrams

Compound Events:Tree Diagrams

The objective is to teach the Common Core Standard MCC7.SP.8 in which students must Investigate chance processes and develop, use, and evaluate probability models. Students must understand that samples spaces can be represented using organized lists, tables, and tree diagrams, u...

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Brad Riedy
Brad Riedy (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

This lesson seems well organized and it seems to adhere well to the UDL principles overall.  It is very easy to see that you used reverse design in creating this lesson and the goals are very clearly stated.  My primary concern is that students don’t have many options or paths to take when it comes to demonstrating their understanding of the content.  I have had any experience with flipcharts myself but would be interested to see if their was a way to incorporate and type of videocast into them for students who struggle with learning and demonstrating understanding with text.  Student who might struggle with reading may struggle with aspects of this assignment.  I would love to seem some technology aides incorporated such as text to talk to help those students who might not be able to handle the reading load that well.  Overall I think your lesson is well organized. 

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Gitane Reveilleau
Gitane Reveilleau (Faculty)
8 years ago

Even though I am not very knowledgeable about the content, I can see that the author has put a great deal of work into developing this resource. The content seems meaningful and the tool used to reach the desired outcomes is very interesting. I have not used a smartboard activity before, so I would have to actually use it in my classroom to be able to see the strenghts and weaknesses of the tool. I would suggest that you add more details to the essential content to clarify any questions other teachers might have. Additionally, I'd like to know what tool will be used for the perfomance task, if there is any.  

Technical Remarks:

I cannot comment on the technicalities of the lesson as I have never used a smartboard.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes