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Hyperbolic Triangles

Hyperbolic Triangles

How big are triangles in the hyperbolic used to visualize molecular data as wireframe, space-filled, and ball and stick representations.


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Katlyn McVeigh
Katlyn McVeigh (Student)
12 years ago
I spent about 10 minutes messing with the tools and reading the information about it. It was very easy to follow along with and was pretty fun. I think this would be a good tool for someone to use.
Joann Schubert
Joann Schubert (Student)
20 years ago
I spent a good half an hour playing with the materials. The kali wallpaper
patterns were very fun to play with. I made hperbolic triangles, looked at the
lorenz simulation, and made different patterns and wallpapers. I read the
mathamatical explinations and formulas that were used to make the simulations,
but I didnt see one for the Kali patterns. Under the link it explains that the
patterns are created illustrates the planar symmetry groups, however when I
click the link there is not explination to WHAT planar symmetry groups are, only
instructions on how to use the program. The simulations will help people
understand the mathamatics covered, with explinations and interactive tools. Its
great for someone who does better with visuals than with written down facts.
It was extremely easy to use the materials you wouldnt have to read all the
instructions, just click and you'll figure it out.
Bernd Schroeder
Bernd Schroeder (Faculty)
21 years ago
The link goes to a number of geometry applets. ?Hyperbolic triangles? is about the hyperbolic plane. A definition of the hyperbolic plane would be nice as a start. Cute applet. Certainly a nice demo for hyperbolic geometry.

Technical Remarks:

Runs fine in WIN98 and Explorer.