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Boids of a Feather

Boids of a Feather

A simulation of Craig Reynolds ""boids"" which display flocking behavior.   See Scientific American article describing the simulation of flocking behavior.

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Tom Wason
Tom Wason (null)
23 years ago
Flocking behavior is a good analogy for many things. It would be even more interesting if the control were sliders, not toggles, so that the user could vary the strength of each factor. Also, if one boid could have a different rule than the rest, what would happen? (it would become the leader!) What if two boids had different rules than the flock? This applet raises interesting questions.
John Lilly
John Lilly (null)
24 years ago
Terrific Demo Applet This is a really great applet to demo the EOE--it downloads quickly, is easy to explain, and demonstrates how powerful interactivity is in certain situations.
Dave Lilly
Dave Lilly (null)
24 years ago
Great applet This is a really cool applet. I'm impressed by the speed of both the dowload and the simulation.