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Learning with Webquests

A short camtasia video lesson to explore Webquests as a teaching tool.  The video examines several different webquests and walks the viewer through building their own webquest using the Webquest template on


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Carlou John Letigio
1 year ago
Quality of Content: The Learning Material is organized into ideas that correspond to the desired competencies at the end of the video. There is no need to have any prior knowledge in order to navigate the websites. The learning materials' strength is the straightforward pace of the instructions delivered via audio with appropriate visual display. Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching and Learning Tool: Websites, as an open-source initiative, provide a variety of opportunities for educators searching for a simple way to create web-based teaching materials. Its strength is the website's and template's simplicity, which provides a foundation for newbies looking for different ways to teach using the new modality. Ease of Use: The Learning Material gives you the freedom you need to explore web-based teaching materials. Furthermore, it presents information in a style that is simple to comprehend and appealing to both students and professionals. One key point of worry is that the URL that was provided in the study materials is no longer active.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Almudena Alonso
Almudena Alonso (Faculty)
7 years ago

Para acceder salta un video con Login obligatorio, no estoy segura de que sea cosa del material, sino que parece más bien que el enlace está corrupto.

Amanda Armstrong
Amanda Armstrong (Student)
10 years ago

The music is appropriate for the context of the video.  You give background knowledge along with current ways to use WebQuest.  I like the transitions you use to each slide and the way you have separated your content into sections.  The content is useful.  You explain WebQuests, give examples to help convey your points, and explain how to present information to students.

The use of screencast complements the information presented in the video.

Is there a written version of this video so that people could refer to that as well?  It would be nice to have that information there to complement the video.  Also if you could have a picture of the author at the beginning, that would a way to the participants to connect to the author.

Melissa Brooks-Yip
Melissa Brooks-Yip (Consultant)
10 years ago

I would rate the ease of use a 10 out of 10 after spending about 9 minutes watching and listening to the Webcast presentation/quiz on Camtasia.   The music during tranistions and the images, like the Wordle are a nice addition to keep the viewer enaged.  The history of Webquests and application was helpful as reminders of this "old" technology tool (it is old coming form 1995, right?)  :)

I also thought the small chunks of lecture and illustrations broken up by quizzes is a nice way to review and learn the who, what, where, when, why and how of Webquests. I even had a chance to look at my answers, and if they were wrong, I could re-watch and listen to the video segment.  I would use this is a class with pre-service teachers for sure, or as a nice addition to a website on tech tools for teachers!  

Time spent reviewing site: 9 minutes
Corbin Brown
Corbin Brown (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago


Great job with the video and presentation of your STAIR.  The presentation did a great job of showing the creation and utilization process of webquests.  I have started using them in my classroom and with the use of your video I should be able to start working on creating my own.  Your presentation of the material in both video and verbal formay is nice for learners and then you provide time for them to check their understanding and allow them to review before going forward.  When I first loaded your video I felt that I was watching a professional video for a webquest website.  Thanks for the great resource.


Sophia Borden
Sophia Borden (Student)
10 years ago

Craig, I think your StAIR project is amazing!  The video is very easy to use and does a great job of breaking down the different sections of a WebQuest all the while reminding the audience that their audience when creating a WebQuest is their students.  I think the quizzes would be a great way to help keep students engaged and work very well in your project, but since the audience is other teachers, I wonder if it's really necessary to test to see whether they are learning but it's a great demonstration of how quizzes can be used in this type of project.  There's one main section in the video where the talking seems to go on for much longer than the other parts and I was wondering if there may be something else you could put in there besides a screen shot of the website to help keep the audience more engaged throught that large section.  For example, you may be able to include something like presentation slides that cover some of the main topics that you were discussing during that time.  Overall, great job!

Time spent reviewing site: Watched the whole video and took the quizzes.