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Teaching dotted quarter notes

Teaching dotted quarter notes

Basic lesson plan on how to teach dotted quarter notes


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Johanna Lherisson
Johanna Lherisson (Student)
9 years ago

The materials you have listed to complete this lesson are an Interactive whiteboard, Internet access and media player with example recordings. Recordings will be useful in helping your students hear a dotted rhythm, but how will you incorporate the use of the internet and the smart board? This resource will be better rounded once these materials are addressed. The techniques you have listed are worthwhile to keep, but might be challenging to accomplish with a larger group of students.

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Julie Halsey
Julie Halsey (Consultant)
9 years ago

Very through direction on teaching dotted quarter notes. I like the way in which you teach in the small group and larger group settings. One area that might help round out the lesson plan to all learning types, is to allow the students to demonstrate anyway they would like what a dotted quarter note “looks” like to them. Potentially, the student would choose to draw it, make a model, sing it, or even act it out. This way you can be assured that each learning style is addressed and each student can interrupt the sound of the notes in a manner, which is unique to them. After all, music is a form of self-expression. 

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Jennifer Gross-Russell
Jennifer Gross-Russell (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

If a dotted quarter note is something that is heard is music by 5th adn 6th grades, might it be appropriate for them to hear it in their own popular music? Offering students the opportunity to find these types of notes in their own choice of music might be a way to engage them into the lesson as well. 

Technical Remarks:

Nice Job.

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Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

I imagine it is difficult to teach students how to count music.  What types of music do you play for students as examples?  Only instrumental?  Also, how do you use your whiteboard in this lesson?  Just for the examples?  I like the previous commenters idea--Leslie--about moving the notes around and making it interactive in that way.  Looking through your lessons makes me miss taking music lessons.

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Leslie Lieman
Leslie Lieman (Educational Technology Coordinator)
9 years ago

This seems like a valuable lesson. 

Since you mention you have an interactive white board, I wonder if you can develop your lesson by having students come to the board and moving notes (drag/drop) in a way that would demonstrate the equivalents to a dotted-quarter note.

Also, I assume there are now a lot of online resources that would enable you to instruct and assess student understanding in new ways.  I am not a musician, but I would guess using online like a metronome might be helpful:

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