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Coaster Physics

In this activity students will be constructing roller coasters using the iPad App Coaster Physics that would be a thrilling ride but operate within the parameters of safe potential and kinetic energy and g-forces.  


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Evan OBranovic
Evan OBranovic (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This lesson is a excellent way to teach several physics concepts to students. The lesson brings an exciting real-life example (roller costers) to engage the students in learning the phyics behind the fun. There is an excellent use of technology in the lesson with both iPads and Podcasting being tools used to help student learning. These tools really make this lesson accessible to students of all levels and help stimulate all learning types that may be engaged. Some scaffolding may need to be done in order to ensure students get the most out of the technoloy. This lesson does a great job creating meaning for the students and allows them to interact with peers in problem-solving.

Daniel Levitt
Daniel Levitt (Librarian)
10 years ago

This seems like a very engaging project!  I like how the plan is mapped out day by day.  The use of technology in this project is strong and allows the students to experience an aspect of science they would not be able to recreate in the classroom otherwise. 

It would be nice to know what role the teacher has in providing evaluative material.  There is a lot of collaboration among students but what about descriptive feedback from the teacher to the students? 

Overall a very solid lesson and one I'd love to do myself if I had access to iPads and taught 9th graders.

Technical Remarks:

PDF functioned perfectly.  Lesson seems to be technically sound provided you have access to the proper technological equipment.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes