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How to access Follett and Kindle eBooks in the ASIJ ES library

How to access Follett and Kindle eBooks in the ASIJ ES library

This STAIR Powerpoint in Kiosk mode provides detailed information about 2 types of eBooks available from the elementary school library at the Amercian School in Japan. It explains how to see what eBooks are available, how to access them and how to return them once finished.


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Rob Durecka
Rob Durecka (Administrator)
10 years ago

This StAIR did an excellent job of defining a clear aim for the learner.  I gained a clear understanding of how to access ebooks via both the Follet and Kindle applications.  The easy to understand and logical approach of the presentation allowed for scaffolding of ideas to naturally flow.  The topic itself was not overly engaging in itself, but the author did a tremendous job of introducing interesting colors and effects shaped by a fun and very well done narration video.  Engagement being central to success - this presentation really held my attention.

If I had to suggest a way to improve upon this StAIR, I would suggest a means to review the information for a variety of ability levels.   Review or reverse tabs could help with this.

Really think this was a well done, fun, and well sequenced  presentation!

Technical Remarks:

From a technical standpoint, it was interesting to see the difference in the amount of time that it took for me to access the presentation from work versus home.  I had no problem at work, and I enjoyed the benefits of the narration.  Unfortunately, I must have lacked the necessary plug ins or something, but the narration did not work at home.  As a large file with the amount of video embedded, I wonder if it would be possible to compress the file?

Very small thing, but the link on the right answer for the first question did not work.

Creative use of technology that made for a truly enhanced learning experience!

Time spent reviewing site: 50 minutes
Samuel Lopez-Romero
Samuel Lopez-Romero (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This is a great StAIR project. It was entertaining to watch the presentation and it also provided detailed information on how to access ebooks through the school's library. I am sure any student who sees this presentation in the classroom will be clear on how to get ebooks either through Kindle or Follett applications on their IPads, laptops, or ebook readers.

The presentation itself was really easy to navigate and the scaffolding of information was easy to follow. The narration provides extra support in understanding the material. The color and visuals is a great strategy which provides the students with relevant information about what something is or what something looks like. I also like the strategy used of comparing and contrasting items. For example giving the pros and cons of using the Kindle application versus using the ebook reader. Under the UDL Guidelines this provides the student with a chance to choose the appropriate item which will work better for him or her and at the same time providing more autonomy.

Although, this is a great informational tool, I have a couple of suggestions that hopefully will improve its purpose. One, although the visuals are a great idea, I feel as though there is too much happening all at once. For example, on some slides while one is trying to listen and watch the videos, you also have the task to read the information on the slide. I believe, this can be a bit too overwhelming for a young student; maybe it can be set as showing the video first and the provide the written information. Second, I would also recommend stating in the presentation that written instructions will also be provided. This can be extremely helpful for students who need to see the written material in order to recall information. Overall, this is an excellent tool and I am sure students will benefit from it.

Technical Remarks:

First of all this file is 85mbs. It is a big file. So if you have a slow connection it will take a long time to download. Also I would suggest using back button options, just in case students want to browse back the previous slide. On the quiz, the first question's right answer does not have a link. I would also inform the students to adjust their volume or use headphones.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 50 mins