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Multiplication Matters

Multiplication Matters

Audience: This initially was developed for learners who need more repetition beyond multiple teaching strategies, more control of pacing, and rewording to grasp new concepts in math. 

This is a Powerpoint show for reviewing, reinforceing and reteaching multiplication strategies. It also focuses on reinforcing and mastering the 2's and 3's.  It addresses Montana state standards in 3rd grade math. ...

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Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
1 year ago
No longer available.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown (Faculty)
11 years ago

This lesson is a great resource! The author does a great job at "checking in" on the student's knowlegde. There is great reinforcement after each type of question. If you get a problem wrong you have "mission control" to help you to get back on track. Lots of animations to keep the interest up! I liked the question 2 X 1 and there were two answers of 2! GREAT way too see if the student is understanding the concept rather than just the answer!

*Please see Technical Remarks

Technical Remarks:

Technical issues. If a student moves faster than the voiceover, the next voice over talks on top of each other. Please fix this. Two ways that it can be done. Either time the slide, so they can not move on until the end of the reading OR have the smily with the headset be a way that a child COULD have it read (by clicking it) if that is needed, because every student may not need it read to them.

Time spent reviewing site: almost an hour
Stacey Chen
Stacey Chen (Student)
11 years ago

This "math mission" is a high-interest activity to introduce or review basic multiplication strategies.  The activity begins and ends with a list of objectives and the beginning of the StAIR also lists (in detail) student motivators which connect the activity to real-world experiences.  Multiple multiplication strategies are explained in detail, but without overwhelming the student.  Student knowledge is checked often during the teaching activities, and the activity ends with a short quiz assessing the learning objectives.

Technical Remarks:

The slides include voice-over, which is a wonderful way to differentiate for struggling readers.  Students with higher reading abilities may want to turn off the sound.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes