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Lesson Plan Design: Using Measures of Central Tendencies

Lesson Plan Design: Using Measures of Central Tendencies

This pdf document is a Goal-Directed Instructional Design Plan for teaching a mathematics lesson on Using Measures of Central Tendencies. It can be used at the Middle School and/or High School levels.


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Beth Berube
Beth Berube (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This lesson allows for great use of real-world context to be used within the lesson to learn and discover central tendancies.  The use of the group work allows for collaboration within the class.  It is accompanied by a nice use of technologies such as graphing calculators, smartview (computer graphing calculator), use a smartboard, and computers.

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Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Chris Groenhout
Chris Groenhout (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago


Great real world application of course concepts.

Well described goals.

Goals assessed at the end of the lesson.

Opportunity for collaboration.

Well designed instruction that explains the content and importance through application followed by assessment.

Lesson idea has great potential.


Not clear if UDL principles are addressed due to a lack of understanding on the nature ofthe activity. Are there pictures? Video? Models?

Why do they need a computer? Are these examples online?

What is a smart notebook?

What technology is being used by the students?

Technical Remarks:

Hyperlink to examples of their assignment, lesson and assessment.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes