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Bullying In Person & Online

Bullying In Person & Online

Students will be able to define and recognize bullying in person and online. Students need to be able learn how to be upstanders and not bystanders to bullies. Students will recall bullying incidents, identify bullying when it happens, they will be able to apply upstander skills and learn how to avoid bullies. Students will produce a video demonstrating the skills they have learned....

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Johanna Lherisson
Johanna Lherisson (Student)
9 years ago

Great Idea incorporating research and creativity. Students will gain valuable knowledge about bullying and be able to reenact these situations and how to resolve problems in real life. If all educators were to do a bullying lesson, i'm sure it would make a great difference. 

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Seth Hendrickson
Seth Hendrickson (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Bullying is a huge issue, especially cyberbullying in this day and age. Students need to know the signs, symptoms, and how to handle situations anyways, so I think that integrating video editing and PowerPoint usage into a full-on project about bullying is a great idea. I really liked the video making aspect of this project. Learning how to create and edit audio/visual technology is a fantastic skill to posess and learning it at a young age makes students more comfortable with the technology alltogether. I think you really went in depth on what the students are going to need to know, which allows teachers to really analyze if their students are ready for a project of this magnitude. I also really like the group element of the project because it allows for collaboration and a hopefully more polished final product while teaching students the skill of working in a group with other people. Implementation of the METS standards was also nice because it gives us a more broad outlook on why this is a good lesson plan, which it absolutely is. One problem that I have is how are the students going to learn how to create, import, and edit the movie? There is no real mention of getting taught that element. Also it would be nice to have a few bullying resources provided on the lesson plan so teachers can get a head start in showing students some good resources. Overall I thought this was an excellent technology integration lesson plan, well done.

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Kimberly Anglin
Kimberly Anglin (Student)
11 years ago

Great lesson!  Bullying is a very important topic to learn about today.  I like how you used content knowledge, pedagogy, and technology in your lesson.  The lesson opener is creative.  Kids learn so much from other kids and having the students watch their peers is a great way to use that as a tool.  Students will enjoy having individual responsibilities while contributing to and working as a team.  They will have a chance to research, write, collaborate, create a PowerPoint, and act out a video.  It would be really neat if the students were able to share their projects with other classes via the internet.  Maybe the students could do a live performance using Skype.  Another idea might be to put the videos on Utube and share them with friends, family, other classes, etc. and having them comment on each others, give constructive criticism and reflect on how this project has impacted their lives.  I look forward to trying this in my own classroom.  

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Everything looks great!

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