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Worldview--What is it and how does it affect us?

Worldview--What is it and how does it affect us?

This is a powerpoint kiosk that leads students through a series of videos and questions to help them understand worldview. It is intended to be an introduction to a unit and needs followup with class discussion. The slideshow focuses on two worldviews: Naturalism and Christian Theism. The worldview discussion can lead into discussion about the origin of life debate....

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Jennifer Peraino
Jennifer Peraino (Faculty)
10 years ago

I found this lesson to be informative and well designed. The PowerPoint presentation’s esthetics are pleasing. The template used is not distracting from the presentation. The font is large enough for users to read without difficulty, as well as, the font format not being hard to decipher. There is also a natural flow to the presentation that is addressed at the beginning. The content of the presentation is clearly defined at the beginning of the stand alone through its objectives. The vocabulary is well defined through readings and videos. The two views discussed are represented equally and without biasness. I even like how the presentation discusses how both views criticizes the other. The two videos for this section do a great job relaying this aspect of the debate. From a pedagogical aspect, the learner’s attention is kept throughout the stand alone by the engaging videos and quizzes. I think today’s students need media rich learning material to keep them engaged. This also supports all learners because it provides a review of the materials through text and the videos. The assessments allow the students to assess the information they are retaining throughout the presentation. The students also use their higher level thinking skills to answer the questions during the assessment portions of the presentation.

Technical Remarks:

I would only suggest that the presentation allow the teacher to have the option to split the presentation into two parts. There is a clear place where this could be done.

Time spent reviewing site: 30
Liz Klein
Liz Klein (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This is a wonderful lesson! From a technological perspective this lesson utilizes PowerPoint that enhances the learning for students. It also provides instructional videos to cater toward learners who struggle with reading comprehension or fluency. I like how the videos are placed throughout the lesson. I think because of our 21st century learners today, multimedia is what draws the attention of students. Both of these technology enhancements provide students with added motivation for learning. From a pedagogical and content perspective, this lesson does a good job of walking students step- by- step though understanding the concepts taught. There is text, backed up by videos to accommodate all learning types. I also like how this lesson ties into a learner’s life. I think for this lesson to be believable, the learners have to be able to understand how what they learned will make sense in their own lives. I think by providing meaningful experiences through the use of examples in this lesson provide more motivation for learning. This lesson has clearly stated objectives, goals, assessments and feedback. I like how students are given clear feedback upon how to correct incorrect responses. This helps students who need more scaffolding throughout instruction to guide their learning. I do not know too much about worldviews of religion, but I could understand many parts of this lesson by watching the videos. Also, the use of colors really enhances the lesson and attracts learners to it. I also feel that this provides motivation for learning. Through the use of multiple assessments, the teacher is really able to know if the students are grasping the concepts and students are able to assess their understanding of the learning objectives. Additionally, there are clear instructions that guide students to completing this lesson independently. Finally, there are many different tasks asked for students to do in this lesson that provides for higher level thinking and really gives the students a challenge by setting high expectations for learning. I would definitely use this presentation if I were teaching these concepts in my classroom. I especially like it because this can be given to students as a homework assignment or to students who are absent on the day given because it is something that students can use independently.

Technical Remarks:

The only change I would make in this lesson is to split up the content into different parts. Especially for special education students or low achieving students, this may be too much information to throw at students in one sitting.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins