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Mendel's Genetics

Mendel's Genetics

This is a StAIR project. It is to be used as a stand alone of a review for a unit on genetics. It covers Mendel's 3 laws, mono and dihybred crosses. There is also a quiz feature to it.


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Lonna Hill
Lonna Hill (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This was a fantastic lesson that I would definitely utilize if I were a high school biology teacher who taught about genetics. This would be really useful to students who missed class or who needed some review. The explanations are very clear and easy to follow.

The standards and objectives are clearly stated at the beginning of the powerpoint, so that students know where they are going and what the end goals are. The lesson also caters to multiple learning styles, especially auditory and visual learners. The lesson accomodates students who have trouble reading/decoding text because each slide also has an audio recording that reads the information and questions on the slide. Ample modeling is provided--explanation is given first, then examples are shown, then students are given the opportunity to practice, and in the case of the wrong answer, students are provided with an explanation of why it was wrong and shown how to find the correct answer. Lots of motion and color are on the slides, making them visually appealing.

Technical Remarks:

The technology in the powerpoint progam was well used to create a slideshow that kids would really enjoy, and it's easy to use so students completing the assignment wouldn't run into technical difficulties

The only suggestion I would make would be to provide a choice to play sound/reading rather than having it play automatically. For students who aren't auditory learners, it would probably be more preferable to read the information at their own pace.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes
Liz Klein
Liz Klein (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This is a wonderful lesson! From a technological perspective this lesson utilizes PowerPoint that enhances the learning for students. It also provides an instructional video to cater toward learners who struggle with reading comprehension or fluency. This was also a great way to have an engaging anticipatory set in the lesson. Both of these technology enhancements provide students with added motivation for learning.

From a pedagogical and content perspective, this lesson does a good job of walking students step- by- step though understanding the concepts taught. There is text, backed up by diagrams and visual representations to accommodate all learning types. I also like how this lesson ties into a learner’s life. I think by providing meaningful experiences through the use of examples in this lesson provide more motivation for learning. This lesson has clearly stated objectives, goals, assessments and feedback. I like how students are given clear feedback upon how to correct incorrect responses. This helps students who need more scaffolding throughout instruction. The lesson also caters towards visual learners because there are many visual representations used throughout the lesson to guide students to reaching their learning objectives. I am not a science person at all, and I could understand many parts of this lesson by looking at the pictures! Also, the use of colors really enhances the lesson and attracts learners to it. I also feel that this provides motivation for learning. Through the use of multiple assessments, the teacher is really able to know if the students are grasping the concepts and students are able to assess their understanding of the learning objectives. Additionally, there are clear instructions that guide students to completing this lesson independently. Finally, there are many different tasks asked for students to do in this lesson that provides for higher level thinking and really gives the students a challenge by setting high expectations for learning. I would definitely use this presentation if I were teaching these concepts in my classroom.


Technical Remarks:

The only change I would make in this lesson is to split up the content into different parts. Especially for special education students or low achieving students, this may be too much information to throw at students in one sitting.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins