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Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions

This StAIR Creation is a power point show that should help students review multiplying fractions.  Students can go through the show at their own speed while they review how to multiply fractions and have an oppertunity to show what they know by taking a "quiz" and getting immediate feedback on their understanding of multiplying fractions

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Jon Lind
Jon Lind (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Great setup with obvious attention paid to instructional practices, standards, and purpose.  Pictoral representation of fractions is a great way to explain their multiplication, and the colors used were appropriate and pleasant to look at.  I liked that it moved back and forth between pictoral representations and mathematical processes.  Scaffolding is also obvious and appreciated.  The author has obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about instructional strategies.

The activity could have used some more interactivity, although I did like that it linked to outside sources for review material.  I would have liked to see some real-world applications, some interactive activities besides quizzes, and some pictures or videos used (got a little repetitive in the examples section).

Most of my disappointment with this activity is with the technical aspects of it.  I didn't get any of the sound when I played it (except the applause in the quiz).  The transitions within slides seemed very fast (not enough time to read the text before the next shot in).  On the quiz, some of the comments to incorrect answers were incorrect themselves.  When you go back into the examples to review, you are stuck going through the whole presentation again.  Finally, I couldn't figure out the slide creation activity at the end.  I got to the slide, but had no idea what to do.  Some instruction would be helpful in this instance.

Technical Remarks:

Needs some technical work before it is usable.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Amy Palmer
Amy Palmer (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

The Multiplying Fractions StAIR did a wonderful job approaching a difficult concept with ease. The topic of multiplying fractions is meaningful to the stated audience of 6th grade, and can be used to teach, review, or enrich skills according to the defined objectives and grade level standards. Prior knowledge is accessed through the use of identifying basic fractions, and scaffolding is present towards multiplication. The vocabulary covered is essential to the topic while the use of colors and pictures establishes connections to support different learners. The StAIR used multiple pedagogical strategies to break down learning barriers and enhance student success. The PowerPoint slide show has these strategies listed in the notes below. The quiz at the end of the presentation allows students to apply learned skills and reflect on new understandings.

The Multiplying Fractions StAIR is well thought out, and I would not recommend any changes to the content with the exception of real world applications. However, I would reformat the presentation so that the action buttons are usable. The StAIR also has audio features that are inaccessible. Finally, the reformatting would support the quiz and allow appropriate feedback. The current format leads the learner towards the wrong feedback after answering questions.

Technical Remarks:

Presentation reformatting is necessary to use this slide show the way it is intended in the classroom.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes