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Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan

This is the Goal-instructional lesson plan for my CEP811 class.Please give me suggestions to improve. Thank you for your comments.


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Jennifer Bramble
Jennifer Bramble (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

I really like the concept of bringing in more technology to learning a new language. There is so much out there tht can be used, even with the younger students. The lesson plan seems like a good start, but it is lacking the detail another person would need to use this plan in their own classroom. For example,  under instructional objective, it says to offer more tools to the students, but what specific tools is it talking about? Would a specific tool be used for recalling facts, applying pronciples, or performing (speaking) tasks? What kind of powerpoint presentatins will the teacher create? What is the reasoning behind them? What types of activities are going to need to be scaffolded for the students to be successful?

The internet will motivate some students, but what if the student is highly distracted? Will that help or hinder them if they are playing on the internet instead of doing the lessons? What are some of the other pedagogies you will employ to help those students with other types of disabilities?

Great start, but I think it can use a bit moe detail for others to be able to use this idea in their own classroom.

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Kristin Baljet
Kristin Baljet (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This lesson plan gave your readers a good overview of what your classroom looks like on a daily basis. You use various collaboration activities and presentations to motivate student learning on the internet, and you use various assessment tools.

My Questions:

How do you use UDL strategies to foster student learning?

Specifically, how do you scaffold your hearing and/or vision-impaired students?

What specific websites do you use for teaching Mandarin Chinese?

What specific presentation tools do you allow students to use in your classroom?

The design of this lesson plan is easy to follow and gives a clear picture of the framework used in this classroom. However, I would like to hear more about what happens in one specific day. What technologies do students utilize on the Internet? Do they use their required microphones to create voice threads?

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