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Constructivist Learning environment: The Scratch Platform

Constructivist Learning environment: The Scratch Platform

An example of a CLE on The Scratch Platform


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Beth C
Beth C (Student)
3 years ago
This presentation did a fantastic job explaining how SCRATCH is an example of a CLE. The presentation began by informing the learner about what constructivism is, and then provided a list of CLE characteristics. The compare and contrast chart was also a great visual to inform the learner about the core characteristics of constructivism. Once the learner was given a background on CLE’s, the presentation then moved into providing specific examples on how SCRATCH met the 8 CLE characteristics that were outlined at the beginning. As shown in the presentation, SCRATCH allows learners to set their own goals, interact with real world scenarios and provides a platform for the learners to interact with an online community. Each of these features echoes the core values of constructivism and makes SCRATCH a perfect example of a CLE.
Ron Charest
Ron Charest (Student)
3 years ago
This is a well-designed presentation on Constructivist Learning Environments (CLE), using the "SCRATCH" webtool as it's core example of a CLE. The presentation starts out by linking pedagogical models that directly support Constructivist theory, showing the practice approach for creating learning. The presentation then contrasts principles of Objectivism against Constructivism using well-defined categories that provide clear delineation of principles. From there, the presentation moves on to showcase an amazing online tool called "SCRATCH." SCRATCH allows users to learn by actively working in an online environment. Topics featured in this presentation include creating computer codes and drawing, but there appear to be many more learning areas in SCRATCH available. This presentation then moves into demonstrating how SCRATCH embodies Social Constructivist theory and turns the theory into practice. The presentation itself makes excellent use of embedded video and takes a number of SCRATCH screen shots showing the range of learning skills possible within the SCRATCH environment. Well developed, highly informative, and keeps the viewer engaged throughout the presentation. Definitely rates five stars.