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StAIR Design: Elements of Art

StAIR Design: Elements of Art

Introductory StAIR Design on the Elements of Art for Middle School students.


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Iman Zaatari
Iman Zaatari (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This STAIR project provides multiple means of representation where text, images and videos were presented to the learner. In most areas, test your knowledge tool was provided where students get to practice what they learned. When they get an incorrect answer, I think it would be useful to have some explanation. I know that this lesson is for upper elementary students, but I think it would be useful to add audio in order to reach all types of learners. Fonts, images, animations, and transitions... the overall appeaance of the pesentation was very easy to view and read.  Overall, it was a great presentation.

Technical Remarks:

Videos worked.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 min
Brian Walker
Brian Walker (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a good introduction to the elements of art for middle school students. As this presentation states, the elements are the “ingredients” of a work of art. Having a solid understanding of not only what these are, but all of the information specific to each one is an important part of any young artist’s art education. Of course, constructing a presentation that delves deeply into each of the elements of art would be massive and would take a long time to navigate through much less create. This presentation would be a good jumping off point when introducing them to a class and it is easy to imagine that other StAIR presentations that address each of the elements individually could be shown to the students in the days/weeks that follow.

Technically the presentation works though I could not play the videos. The slide layouts were nicely arranged with text that was clear and easy to read. It’s always good to see images of art work created by artists that the students may be studying as the school year progresses. Presentations like this one are wonderful tools to share those works of art with students. It looks like there may be some images of student work in this presentation as well.

There are a couple points that might need to be addressed before sharing this tool with students.

1. Some of the graphics are partially covering up some of the text on some of the slides (Slides 1 and 14).

2. The videos did not play for me. I wish I knew how to solve this because I had a similar issue with a StAIR that I created. If I figure out why this didn’t work in my presentation maybe I’ll check back in here and share my soloution.

3. I think it would be good to put some information about each of the works of art featured in this presentation. The names, dates, dimensions and even mediums used in each piece would be good to share even if that information isn’t necessarily what this presentation aims to teach the students specifically.

4. It might be a good idea to add some kind of text to speech features for students who are struggling readers.

Technical Remarks:

Video doesn't work (for me).

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes.