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Stair Design on Environmental Science

Stair Design on Environmental Science

This StAIR design is meant to reinforce material already presented in class and allow for a deeper understanding of the vocabulary words presented.  The focus subject matter is on the biology of the study of environmental science, particulary ecosystems and what is contained within (i.e. carnivorious animals, predators, herbivores,etc.). Students will have the opportunity to review material and take a practice quiz....

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Terra Kirsch
Terra Kirsch (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This presentation was very well done with great graphics and an easy flow which will engage students.  The review redirect for missed answers is a good reinforcement of concepts. The graphics were especially effective in providing a visual of the definitions and well thought out. For example, the community slides show affection among different species reinforcing the definition for visual leaners.  The audience was clearly targeted with content that matched the intent of the tutorial. My sixth grade son completed the activity and he liked the blend of zoology and ecology and special effects.

Technical Remarks:

The last slide when clicked goes back to the beginning of the quiz. I wonder if adding a badge or reward slide to end might help signal the end of the activity.

Tara Swanepoel
Tara Swanepoel (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This was a great quiz about ecosystems.  The pictures were phenomenal and they made the show a joy to watch.  Each question provided immediate feedback, so students would know whether or not they had understood the information presented.  Students who are not strong readers may need additional guidance from the teacher.  Another option may be to embed additional resources such as audio files or videos from YouTube or TeacherTube.

Technical Remarks:

When I clicked after finishing the quiz, I was popped back to a slide as though I had incorrectly answered a question.  At first I thought the show continued, but then I realized I was somewhere in the middle.  Perhaps it was a glitch with my computer?

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Julie Heintz
Julie Heintz (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I thought this was a great quiz!  (I could be biased because I'm a science teacher!)  It was very interactive, and could be used in a group setting or individually to review and/or vocab terms.  It could also be posted on a website for students to access when they're not in school.  You might be able to add some little videos into the presentation if they got a term wrong to help clarify, or maybe add a voiceover to read the different definitions for students whose reading skills aren't as strong or who are auditory learners.  I definitely thought it did a great job with including UDL because it showed how new information could be presented to students, how students could interact with the information, and could hopefully motivate students to learn more about the different habitats and ecosystems around them.

Technical Remarks:

During the presentation, I had a few problems with the slides advancing too quickly and jumping around, but that could be a problem with Keynote, which was the application where I opened it.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: ~20 minutes