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StAIR Millionaire Math Lesson

StAIR Millionaire Math Lesson

This lesson is an authentic and interactive lesson that teaches students about how to find volume using decimals. The students use critical thinking skills and problem solving to work through the activity and they assess themselves at the end.


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Danielle Bigi
Danielle Bigi (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This StAIR was a good introduction for students to the concept of volume.  I thought that making it a mystery question was a great way to capture student's attention.  This is something that all the students could relate to and is great way to use the idea of UDL to make this accessible to all students.  The Power Point was designed well and would be interesting to students due to the stories and pictures.

However, I think that there are several things that could have been done better in this to use more instructional strategies and UDL strategies.  First, I believe that there should have been more scaffolding in the Power Point.  While the formula to find volume was given, I think that volume should have been introduced before the mystery problem.  There should have been more examples of how to figure out some simple volume problems as well as a specific explanation that volume is cubed, not squared.  I think that had there been more quizzes earlier in the presentation that would have also been helpful.  Throught that, you would have also been using the UDL guideline of supplying background information.   Additionally, I believe that you could have included videos in the presentation to teach volume in multiple ways, another of the UDL guidelines.

Overall, it was a good presentation and StAIR.  The basic presentation was great and I liked the idea of using the mystery clue to keep kids interested.

Technical Remarks:

Technically, it works very well.  The sounds and actions in the Power Point all work.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Christina Duguay
Christina Duguay (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Hi Lauren,

I thought your lesson was a fun, fast way to get kids going and a great tool for a pair to do together. I thought it followed the UDL in that it clarified the formula in another text or way from maybe something different what you have done in class. UDL 2.1 And it did it in a fun mystery like scenario so kids might relate to it faster without realizing it's still a math problem. Therefore, if they get it correct they may refer back to the mystery again to help them find the volumn of another problem, perhaps on a test. It helps to decode the formula UDL2.3 and 3.3. It also is a good tool to self access their understanding of volumn. UDL 9.3 and 3.1

Technical Remarks:

I enjoyed the different way the buttons were used, like a multiple choice test. At first I didn't know to click on them, but when I did, I was pleased to see how they reacted. I thought this to be kid friendly, with the sounds and movement. Because I'm a visual learner I would like to see if there is a video clip of how to find volumn or a video that reteaches what volumn means again. By adding this to your presentation I believe it would help more students understand the concept better. Maybe it will be the one time that they connect with it. Nice work!


Time spent reviewing site: 30