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STAIR - Using Mobile Phones for Web 2.0

STAIR - Using Mobile Phones for Web 2.0

This will help you in a step by step fashion on how to upload photos, texting, browsing and blogging. It uses Web 2.0 applications.


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Rachel Hollenback
Rachel Hollenback (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This power point allows you to use your cell phone in aiding you to take photos, upload to picasa, and a blog.

The resource lists three standards from the National Educational Technology Standards but I do not see all of them really covered in true form within this power point.

From a visual and graphic design point of view I was confused by the background pattern and choice of text and text color. These things could have been taken more into consideration as a whole. The tabs at the bottom of the screen to go back and forward used good images and had good colors that could have been implemented to other areas of the presentation.

What was done very well was the review of slides when the quiz was answered incorrectly. By having the viewer review for the answer it alleviates guessing and allows them to find the information in the proper manner.

UDL principles that could have been included are vocal audio, embedded videos, pointing out of important points on hardware (in one of the first slides I was confused as to which button was the camera button as it had 3 buttons on the camera and I had no arrow or point of reference)



Technical Remarks:

The images icons on some of the pages were blurry. This loss in resolution made it difficult to see some of the items that were trying to be highlighted.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
James Dunn
James Dunn (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This resource gives an overview of how to take photos, share them on Picasa, and upload them to a blog--all using a cell phone.  This is a very useful tutorial if you want to learn how to do any or all of those tasks.

The tutorial claims to help users with texting and browsing, but fails to do so.  Maybe this was in the original intent, but you forgot to add these sections later?

The turorial identifies 3 standards from the National Educational Technology Standards.  While I agree that this tutorial clearly meets Standard 2, I'm not sure that it meets Standards 1 and 6.  Either way, listing the entire standard might be useful.

I really liked that incorrect responses to quiz questions directs users back to the slide that will help them find the right answer.

I did not find evidence of the UDL being used.  One easy way to become more compliant might be to include audio narration, or allow users to jump to any part of the tutorial at any time.  Various screen capture programs will allow you to do this (please see my technical remarks).

Technical Remarks:

The Android arrows are cute and work correctly.  However, I wonder if they might alienate iOS, Palm OS, Windows Phone OS, or other phone users.  Likewise, some users might have been put off if you had used little Apple logos instead.

The flowchart diagrams are ok, but use some blurry pictures.

After users answer Question 1 correctly, the next slide says that they will move on to Question 2.  Instead, it goes to Part II, then Question 2.

I know that PowerPoint was listed as an acceptable option for creating this assignment.  I'm curious if, after creating it, you would consider using a different program for similar purposes in the future.  I think that Camtasia Studio, Adobe Captivate, and Camstudio offer products that fit your needs more closely.  Wikipedia has a decent page comparing different screen recording applications:

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes