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Interview Skills Checklist

Interview Skills Checklist

The Interview Skills Checklist was designed to informally assess a student’s performance in the four main phases of an interview. These phases are a. Greeting the Employer, b. Seating/Positioning with Employer, c. Interviewing with Employer, and d. Closing the Interview. The skills assessed concentrates mainly on the social and interpersonal aspects of the interview. Using this checklist with moderately cognitively impaired adults in a role-play...

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Jeff Berk
Jeff Berk (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Special Education Teachers are always looking for ways to teach appropriate social and interpersonal skills to moderately cognitively impaired individuals.  Older students also need to learn good job interviewing skills.  I found this checklist with the associated systematic instruction plan extremely effective with most of the students I used it with.  We role-played the job interview setting and I also had students role-play among themselves, taking turns as interviewer and interviewee.  I was able to use the checklist to determine the individual student's strengths and weaknesses and then could concentrate on the skills needing the most practice.  For "homework" I had students practice introducing themselves to a friend or a family member or just simply use a mirror.  For this I had each student write a short "JIST" card that basically introduced themselves and would be something they could easily remorize. I plotted the students' scaled observation scores as baseline and then as probes over time from the checklist on a student progress chart.  We had a lot of fun with the activity and the students learned about personal space, eye contact, smiling, and good posture/body language.  They also learned how to talk about themselves in a constructive fashion.

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