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14.27 Economics and E-commerce

14.27 Economics and E-commerce

This course uses theoretical models and studies of "old economy" industries to help understand the growth and future of electronic commerce. We will begin with a discussion of relevant topics from industrial organization including monopoly pricing, price discrimination, product differentiation, barriers to entry, network externalities, search and first-mover advantages. The largest part of the course will be a discussion of a number of e-industries. In this section we'll discuss extensions and applications of the ideas from the first part of the course, draw analogies to previous technological revolutions and read current case studies. Finally, we'll discuss two additional topics: bubbles in asset markets and the macroeconomic effects of the Internet.


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amar hassan
amar hassan (Faculty)
8 years ago
Find three products advertised or sold over the internet with Senior Citizen's discounts What are they, and how big are the discounts? Do the same products feature student discounts? If so, how large are they? please give me solution
Used in course? Yes
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
8 years ago
Amar, if this is an assignment for your students, please create an assignment by clicking on Creating a Learning Exercise. Thank you!