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Decimal Place Value StAIR

Decimal Place Value StAIR

This is a stand-alone instructional resource for use in an elementary classroom (grades 3-5). It reviews decimal and whole number place value. The presentation requires input from the learner and provides feedbak based on this input.


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Stephanie Scofield
Stephanie Scofield (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This resource has very good information and all the links worked well. Audio would help those student who have difficulty reading at that level as well as those who may have difficulty visually.  Additionally, there are quite a few questions being asked of the learner and it gets quite tiring even for an older learner. Maybe you could have a few questions and then let them play a game and then have a few more questions in order to split up the drill and practice.

Technical Remarks:

All the links worked great.

Dianne Stemen
Dianne Stemen (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I really liked the look of this StAIR and how everything had a "math" theme to it, including the calculator buttons students pushed in the review part.This is a great resource for being able to review the concept of basic place value to math students. I liked the feedback response that is built into the lesson. This would be great for students who may need a bit more review to be able to go over to a computer and learn at their own pace. Very basic lesson. May be able to extend the use of place value into expanded notation in addition as this is a concept that students struggle with. The use of the games at the end was very appealing and a fun way for students to review their knowledge of place value.

Technical Remarks:

There were no technical problems with this lesson - presentation format must have been changed to powerpoint show. Signifying the different "periods" with different colors for more visual awareness may help students see the pattern better. The slide that asked about 65,187.493 has an extra word in the question that you may want to go back and eliminate.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes
Duane B. Karlin
Duane B. Karlin (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I taught place value with my 3rd grade students this past school year (2010-11).  This would have been a great resource to have my students use and refer to when they were learning about place value and then to review the concept.  I liked the background and positive reinforcement when a question was answered correctly.  Additionally, it was encouraging when a question was answered incorrectly.  I also liked the links to the online "games."  The links were active and the games were engaging.  I think that the target age of elementary school students would benefit from this presentation.

Technical Remarks:

I would suggest perhaps changing the background or colors of the buttons in some of the slides to give it a little variety.  The initial explanation slides might also need to be slowed down.  There were a little fast to read.  Also, if the lines were entered through some animation, that might help to guide the students' eyes as they work through the project.  Finally, I had this issue as well because I do not use PowerPoint very much, you might want to change the presentation format and save it as a PowerPoint Show.  It is a .ppsx extension.  Otherwise, great job.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes