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Acid/Base virtual titration

Acid/Base virtual titration

A description of how to use a virtual acid base titration to supplement a real titration.


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Chris Hren
Chris Hren (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I like the idea of using a virtual titration to help prepare students for a real titration that they will be doing the next day. I know how challenging this can be for students the first time and I know, even in advanced classes, that they usually screw it up. I think doing it virtually first is a good step to preventing that. In addition, I like how you say this is the first lab where the students will be graded on accuracy because I think that will make the students pay closer attention to the virtual titration in hopes of being more successful the next day. I think the amount of technology you need to do this lesson is very doable and is not outside of the scope of a chemistry class. As a question though, where did you get the virtual titration simulation? Is it a web based application that is out there for free or is it software that had to be purchased from a vendor?

As a suggestion for making this lesson plan better, I believe including some form of state content standards might be a good idea. I know that where I teach every lesson I do has to be directly aligned to some content standard or another and I have to be able to demonstrate that alignment if needed. Perhaps simply finding one and throwing it in there would be a good idea. The only other thing I would perhaps suggest is that you physically have the students practice the act of titrating before grading them on it. I know the virtual titration is designed to help that but at the same time I know how difficult the physical act of doing it is. No amount of virtual training can make up for that. I really like the idea though and would be interested in using the virtual simulation myself.

Technical Remarks:

Technically, everything worked fine in the document itself.  I also believe the virtual simulation would work fine in a high school class.  My only question is where the virtual simulation software is coming from, either web based or purchased software?  Otherwise, no problems at all.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 Minutes
Tammie Mirolli
Tammie Mirolli (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I think this lesson is fantastic because the more a student titrates the better they get.  Using an online simulation is an excellent way of having students practice the physical skills and procedures, along with working through titration calculations, which are some of the hardest in all of chemistry.  The hands-on components of the lesson will engage students and will also provide you time to see how students work together on these problems. Having the students complete an actual live titration will solidify and confirm what they learn in the simulation.  It is important to have the students apply what they experienced in the simulation, and I believe they would have the opportunity to transfer their understanding of the online titration to the live titration.

Have you found a simulation that you would like to use?  Including the link to the simulation, if it is available, would be a great addition to your lesson.


Technical Remarks:

Your lesson is organized and easy to follow.  I do not see any technical problems or issues.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes