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2 digit subtraction

2 digit subtraction

This STAIR helps to reinforce 2 digit subtraction with and with out regrouping.


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Heather Bradlee
Heather Bradlee (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I enjoyed this StAIR and found it very appealing and useful in an elementary classroom. The quality of content is useful and very applicable for teaching a second or third grade student. Two digit subtraction is a mathematics concept that can be challenging for kids. This StAIR presented valid concepts, models, and skills. This StAIR is effective as a potential teaching-learning tool. The video that shows the students how to regroup with 2 digit subtraction was very enjoyable to watch. I plan on showing it to my own second grader. After the process of two digit subtraction is explained to the learner, then he or she gets to try some problems. If the student clicks on the wrong answer, they get feedback and a prompt such as “Did you accidently add instead of subtract?” The learner gets to retry the problem. If they get the answer correct they get applause and feedback on why it is correct. The presentation was effective for ease of use. The use of graphics and images were appropriate for the age of the intended audience and enjoyable to view. However, there were a couple of trouble spots. The video would not play, I had to view Erin’s copy of her StAIR, and on the initial previewing of this a few of the slides were incorrectly linked. However, this problem is fixable. I would strongly recommend this StAIR to others.

Cheryl Butler
Cheryl Butler (Student)
11 years ago

The lesson is a 2 column subtraction review. The feedback is great; both visual and auditory.

I couldn’t review the video presented through the Powerpoint. Adding a text field w/ the URL would make it so a user could go visit the video directly. There was a infinite loop in slide 9 and one of the incorrect answers addressed an answer which was different than the answer selected.

The lesson offered several types of subtraction problems and described the methods for solving each time. This was good for reinforcing the concepts being learned.