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Food Nutrition Stair Project

Food Nutrition Stair Project

This self pased activity concentrates on three aspect of nutrition.

1. what are the different nutrients

2. where are nutrients found

3. what do the different nutrients do for the human body


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Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown (Faculty)
8 years ago

The concept is a good one to reach the intended target audience and the interactive nature of the lesson is ideal for this population.  Use of various combinations of text and graphics helps to engage the learner of this age and to keep their attention.  I only wish that I was able to experience the actual interactive components but unfortunately the links weren't working for me.  

Used in course? Yes
Angela Engardio
Angela Engardio (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

This powerpoint presentation was excellent! I found the lesson’s interactive style to be extremely engaging. Students were given so much control over what they were learning at each step, providing them a level of autonomy. While there was direct instruction it did not feel like a lecture style presentation. I also enjoyed all the visual representations, it made the presentation feel alive. My favorite part of this presentation was the manner in which the quizzes were presented. During the lesson students were given the opportunity to practice their knowledge before the final test at the end, giving extra opportunity to check their understanding. But the author also provided specific feedback for the student based upon their answers to these questions. When a student answers the question incorrectly they are given specific information reminding them of the lesson and why the answer is wrong. I feel that students can gain a lot from this lesson without much more teacher provided support, which gives students accountability for their learning in a way that blends guidance and independence beautifully.

Laura Chamberlain
Laura Chamberlain (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I really enjoyed your Stair. You kept the content uncomplicated and to the point. Nice clean graphics with bright colors. I only have one question, and I'm not a health teacher so I may be off on this, but didn't the government redesign the food pyramid? It took me a little under 10 minutes to complete the powerpoint, without doing the meal design activities. You might consider placing links on the meal design pages to a template that stuents could work off of, and links back to each catagory of nutrient. Other than that really nice job.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Melissa White
Melissa White (Faculty)
12 years ago

This is an outstanding StAIR. Great topic.