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Space Race StAIR

Space Race StAIR

A basic StAIR where students will look at the following information:

- Origins of the space race

- Simple timeline

- Important people of the space race

- Quick assessment

Estimated time to complete (10 to 15 minutes)


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Gary Brumbelow
Gary Brumbelow (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a very intersting topic and a really good presentation. The front page is engaging and the tool bar easily accessible. It is easy to navigate through the presentation and directions are easy to follow. I believe the students will enjoy this StAIR and will engage easily. The combination of photos, videos, interactive quiz questions, and timeline provide several methods of presenting the material in a manner that will reach various types of learners.

Technical Remarks:

Overall, this is a very good StAIR. I was not able to play the embedded video, some of the answers and answer buttons were out of alignment on a few of the quiz pages, and there were a few minor spelling issues. However, these are minor issues and easy to fix. I enjoyed this StAIR and would use it in my classroom.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Rachel Carman
Rachel Carman (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I really enjoyed the background of the presentation and other visuals such as pictures of people, the timeline, and videos. There was one video that did not play for me. I interactive quiz had great information and it was helpful if an answer was incorrect a clue was given to help find the correct one.

Technical Remarks:

The main menu was very organized since you could choose timeline, people, quiz or origin. Check to see if all the videos work since I had difficulty with one on playing.

Melissa White
Melissa White (Faculty)
11 years ago

Great job Travis!