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This is an online chemistry calculator which provides many easy calculations, including one for the Ideal Gas Law, Boyles Law, Charles Law, and much more. For example, if you need to calculate Charles' Law, you would simply type in the initial volume, initial temperature, final volume, and final temperature, then click calculate to get the answer. This program will do all of the calculating, so you don't have to....

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Elaine Bernal
Elaine Bernal (Faculty)
2 years ago
The chemistry calculator presents limited concepts, models, and skills, and does not present educationally significant concepts, models, and skills for the discipline. While the calculators can be useful to completing quick calculations, there is no assurance of the accuracy of the calculation. The directions do not keep the learner in mind and are not clear. For the Ideal Gas Calculators, the units for pressure are limited to kPa and the gas constant is limited to J/mol/K. The advertisements on the website are also distracting for the user. This resource does not have potential as a learning material because the interface has limited interactivity. There is also limited background information given about each concept presented in the website.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes